Image courtesy of Masood Kamandy & Charlie James Gallery

Masood Kamandy – Record. Collect. Compose. / CRAVE

Sometimes when I feel unsure of what to do next, I go and sit on my porch and look at the house of … [Read More...]

Labels about one’s sexuality can be limiting to those who feel their desire is fluid. Photograph: Alamy

I don’t call myself bisexual – I let my stories tell themselves / The Guardian

I’ve always felt attracted to both men and women, but usually not at the same time. One day it’s … [Read More...]

Smiley face by Alicia Eler

Letter from the Editor: Alicia Eler / Art21 Magazine

When I was twelve years old, I remember seeing it: my first smiley face. It was gigantic and bright … [Read More...]

Photo: Courtesy of 9f Subliminal Projects

Terrible Premise, Good Art: The Curatorial Conundrum of “XX” at Subliminal Projects / CRAVE

It’s suspicious to name a show “XX,” give no explanation other than “it’s a show about eight … [Read More...]