EJ Hill, "Complicit & Tacit"

E.J. Hill & the Art of Endurance / KCET Artbound LA

  EJ Hill's performances don't wait for something to happen. Hill's works engage with the supposed … [Read More...]

instagram selfies3

PANEL DISCUSSION: Instagram: Images of Self and Society :::: Chicago

I am in Chicago for a panel discussion on Instagram and self presentation. Come … [Read More...]

Photo credit: Casey Winkleman

Conversation with Ligia Manuela Lewis at VIA Publication’s “I Like Your Work 2.0″:::: Los Angeles

I talked with Ms. Lewis at VIA Publication's "I Like Your Work 2.0" event about her performance … [Read More...]

Ray Anthony Barrett, “While Jungle Bunnies Hip-Hop the Doom Broom” from Porch Monkeys (2014)

Freestyling Animals and Signifying Rappers / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — Behind every face there is a mask. In Ray Anthony Barrett’s solo exhibition Word is … [Read More...]