Huffington Post: The Changing Landscape – Artists Take Charge

Liz Nielson is another example of the multifacited, multidirectional artist. Besides making her own art, she works for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has just opened a gallery with Joshua Kozuh. Named Swimming Pool Project Space, the gallery does rather feel like a swimming pool, with its blue floor. Opening there tomorrow (Saturday, September 20th) is an all video exhibition curated by Alicia Eler who is an arts writer and curator, and Peregrine Honig who is an artist, curator and has her own gallery in Kansas City. This is what has to be done by the competent artist to create sufficient dialog and exposure possibilities; collaborate with friends, show art you like, grow your audience and get people working ensemble to raise the level in the pool together. I’ve watched all the videos by Rob CarterRochelle FeinsteinJames Gulliver HancockAbhishek HazraJulie LequinMioonJulie Orser(my favorite), Luana Perilli and Taras Polataiko. I like the breadth of content and styles. And I like the juxtapositions. These artists come from all over: Korea, Italy, Ukraine, French Canada, Australia and the U.S.