Video as Video: Rewind to Form

Curated by Alicia Eler and Peregrine Honig

“Video as Video: Rewind to Form” explores the medium of video through the use of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and Internet-based coding languages. The show features work by nine international artists: Rob Carter, Rochelle Feinstein, James Gulliver Hancock, Abhishek Hazra, Julie Lequin, Mioon, Julie Orser, Luana Perilli and Taras Polataiko.

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“Video as Video” Exhibitions/Screenings

International Art Affairs
Washington D.C.
April 30-May 9, 2009

Bridge Art Fair at the Catalina Hotel
During Art Basel Miami Beach
Featuring excerpts from “Video as Video: Rewind to Form” [pdf]
December 4-7, 2008

Swimming Pool Project Space
September 20-October 18, 2008

College Lectures & Screenings

Curating Video Art with Critic/Curator Alicia Eler
Harper College
Palatine, Illinois
November 4, 2010

Alicia Eler and Peregrine Honig: “Video as Video” Lecture & Screening
Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio
March 11-13, 2009

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