Film Screening: Short Sighted at the Smart Museum

A video I made with Peregrine Honig, entitled Pink Flowers, Mechanical Rabbit (2009 [click here to view!] was included in Short Sighted at the Smart Museum on December 3, 2009.

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Short Sighted presents the mechanical wonder of the kinetoscope–Thomas Edison’s peephole motion picture device. Conceived by The Lamps of Elegance–Dan Kerr-Hobert and Chris Wooten, with film contributions from Brandon Kosters, Mikey Peterson, Peter Sebastian, Alicia Eler, Peregrine Honig, LUFTWERK, Mark Kennedy, and Joe Mazza–this one-night-only screening of short films featured work from across the Heartland. The shorts were shown via the kinetoscope and projected onto a screen. Photos by Joe Mazza.