PRESENT Magazine Features WIDOW Magazine

Widow magazine

Designed to be a fashion magazine aesthetically and functionally, the inside cover features a table of contents and credits: the front cover calligraphy is by Yohan “Scribbles” and the back cover art by Maiko Kuzunishi. Further inside the publication, readers will find a fold-out poster, a credits/contributor page, an essay by Zane Fischer that aptly views Honig’s work here as an examination of fashion, celebrity, and consumerism, and an introduction from Chicago-based art critic Alicia Eler. To complete the package, a shop guide is included in the final pages. Finally, the magazine contains a CD titled Snuff Black that features Jimmy Carl Black, Eugene Chadbourne, and Mark Southerland’s Snuff Jazz. It is the final studio recording of Black, the drummer from Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

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