Alicia Eler at Shak’s Memorial Day Comedy Bash in Oak Park

It was a real honor to be included in Shak’s Memorial Day Comedy Bash on Saturday, May 29th, at Lido’s Caffe in Oak Park, with fellow stand-up comics Cameron Esposito, Mo Welch, Dara Katz, David Drake, and the hilarious and creative Concordia Improv Troupe. Thanks to Shak for being an awesome host, to Lido for all the free Pelligrinos (yes, those bottles were very small so I did have four) and gelato, and to Oak Park for being a suburb I won’t soon forget…or maybe, a suburb that won’t soon forget me? See the gay ass video of me performing my comedy below:

Click on this link to see a Facebook photo album of the entire event!

Here’s some great press: