Associate Editor

From January–September 2011, Alicia served as the Associate Editor of Here is a list of her complete duties:

• Discovering and curating top viral content daily
• Writing irresistibly clicky headlines and ledes for viral content posts
• Tracking memes and viral trends in the progressive politics niche
• Managing contributing editors and online innovation interns
• Collaborating with graphic designers to create smart, eye-popping viral charts, infographics, and graphics
• Leading weekly team editorial conference calls, focusing on traffic analysis and goals
• Writing, editing, and fact-checking viral posts
• Collaborating with web developer to improve in-house web tools for editorial and volunteer teams
• Creating in-house editorial style guide, editorial guidelines, and WordPress postings guideline
• Brainstorming new editorial ideas, visions for improving sharing, overall virality and traffic
• Collaborating with online community manager, brainstorming new ways to engage Facebook and online community
• Compiling “The Daily Share” subscriber email, composed of the top three most viral posts of the day

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