Art News: Expo Marks the Beginning of Chicago’s New Art Identity in Post-Mayor Daley Era / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — The excitement and buzz around Expo Chicago, the Windy City’s resurgence into the international art world, felt deafening. Practically every artist in the city who knew how to handle art was in some way involved with the fair. Newcitynewspaper, the city’s #1 alt-weekly, published “Chicago top 50 artists,” a timely and simultaneously ballsy list explaining the who’s who of Chicago.

I attempted to interview art editor Jason Foumberg for this story, but he was too swamped post-Expo; or, rather, before the fair even began. Such is typical of art fairs; those involved rarely get to enjoy it. Those who are resigned to babysit booths chatter about “thank goodness there are drinks available, it’s the only reason I could make it through the endless days in the never-ending rows of three-walled white cube spaces.”

Like any art fair, Expo brings employment services, albeit temporary ones. But outside of all the hustle and buzz of the fair, Expo Chicago signals the Second City, the Windy City, or whatever type of Chicago-centric label you want to slap on it city’s attempt to rebrand and, ultimately, rejoin the ranks of the international commercial art world.

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