Interviews: How Two Curators Will Bring a Chicago Sensibility to the 2014 Whitney Biennial / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — The 2014 Whitney Biennial won’t be like every biennial before it. The always anticipated art world event will partly be a response to the Occupy movement’s call to end the Whitney Biennial, which charged that the major exhibition was just another art world commercial interest, and it will also be a swan song to the Whitney’s longtime home in the Marcel Breuer building. But many people may not realize that the event will also be different as it will welcome a Chicago curatorial approach into the mix, and that’s very exciting.

Artist/writer/professor/curator/all-around-maker and longstanding Chicagoan Michelle Grabner and recent Chicago-to-Philadelphia transplant Anthony Elms will be curating two of three floors at the next biennial. (The third is Stuart Comer, film curator at the Tate Modern.) Both Elms and Grabner have experience curating and organizing artist-run spaces that operate outside of the capital “A” art world. At the 2014 Whitney Biennial, they’ll show off their curatorial chops and, quite possibly, flip the institutional model on its head, spinning it about until it creates an entirely new, artist-made and artist-run model.

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