Latham Zearfoss Knits Together Materiality, Domestic Politics, and Queer Identity / Hyperallergic

Detail of Latham Zearfoss’s “Preserve”

CHICAGO — The absence of the body (politic), the presence of a re-negotiated domesticity, and a necessary embracing of the fine line between romance and criticality play forward roles in artist Latham Zearfoss’s work, which embodies radical feminism of days past while looking toward the future. Zearfoss’s new work, which is part of the group exhibition How Do I Look?at Roots & Culture Gallery in Chicago, explores the re-envisioning of a queer aesthetic that delicately tiptoes its way into the gallery space, presenting itself in a quiet way like a cat nestled on a window sill basking in the afternoon sunlight.

How Do I Look features the work of five artists, including Aay Preston-MyintErin LelandEdie Fake, and Michael Sirianni, as well as Zearfoss, “engaged in the strategic deployment of fantasy, confession, and voyeurism,” as the curatorial statement explains. Zearfoss’s work stands out for its subtle combination of sculptural delicacy and strong political fortitude.

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