Tavi Gevinson’s Exquisite Cadaver / Hyperallergic

Tavi Gevinson (image via tumblr)

CHICAGO — Tavi Gevinson took the ACT exam the same day she took the stage at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s Edlis Neeson Theater, joining old family friend and LA-based filmmaker Jonah Ansell to discuss their latest collaboration, “Cadaver.” In this animated short film, Ansell and Gevinson marry a playful macabre — think Edward Gorey, Tim Burton — with the voice of Tavi, a mature, old-souled 17-year-old girl. The event felt more like a family affair than anything, with Ansell and Gevinson often bringing up subject matter linked to Oak Park, where they both grew up.

In the bittersweet short film — narrated by Gevinson, who stars alongside Academy Award–winner Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd — a young medical student is about to cut open a human cadaver when she realizes that this body was once a living, breathing being. What was this old man’s life like, she wondered. And what would happen to his heart when she cut his chest, ripping it out for the sake of science?

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