A Place to Rest Your Internet-Weary Head / Hyperallergic

Jillian Mayer’s APlaceForOnlineDreaming.com

When I was but a wee young twin, a powerful psychic told me that I should keep a dream journal. I never forgot that moment, because it came to me in a dream during a wonderful evening of REM-induced magic. That psychic reappeared to me one day in the form of the tumblr blog tag #psychic moment. And that’s when I knew the Internet was haunting me.

This is the idea behind Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer’s new website-as-art projectaplaceforonlinedreaming.com, where she asks anyone on the internet to log their dreams either directly onto the site, or through Twitter using the hashtag #SleepSite. All dreams will appear on Twitter thereafter.

APlaceforOnlineDreaming.com aka TheSleepSite.net will exist both in virtual and real-life formats as part of her solo exhibition PRECIPICE/POSTMODEM at Locust Projects in Miami (on view through June 19). The site was built by Mayer’s web programmer, Vince Mckelvie.

“A place for web users to take a break, rest their heads against the screen of their computer on a digital representation of a comfortable pillow,” says Mayer. “Users can select the relaxing music of their choice and tweet their dreams with a larger sleeping community on Twitter.”

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