Will S[edition] Become the App Store of Digital Art? / Hyperallergic

Elmgreen & Dragset’s “Powerless Structures, Fig. 101″ (ed. of 5,000) is one of the works available on the s[edition] digital platform. (GIF’d by Hrag Vartanian for Hyperallergic)

The stories we experience online, the people we meet, and the information we discover, offer us new ways to fall in love with the image, the autograph, and even the art object. But what of purchasing art that really only does exist on the internet or in a digital format?


Today, a new expanded version of s[edition] launches and it will allow artists working with a wide range of digital technologies, including moving image, motion graphic, photography, generative art, illustration, and design, to be able to upload their work to the s[edition] platform and start selling their works to people around the world.

Founded by Harry Blain, who is also the founder of Blain|Southern, and Robert Norton, former CEO of Saatchi Online, this new site offers people a way to collect limited-edition digital works by well-known blue-chip artists, top-tier digital artists and other artists should they be accepted onto the platform. S[edition] gives the price and edition upfront, acting more like an eBay-type space than other ecommerce sites, like Art.sy or Artspace, which act more like an online white box that asks users to contact the gallery or chat with a specialist to complete the purchase of actual, physical objects. The biggest challenge for s[edition] buyers, though the site prefers to call them collectors, is that the art stays on the platform, offering a walled garden for these digital collections, rather than an open field that digital artists and collectors are more accustomed to.

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