A Print Outpost for America’s Overlooked Art Metropolises / Hyperallergic

Outpost Journal, Issue 2: Baltimore, MD (all images courtesy Outpost Journal)

CHICAGO — The idea of a city-specific annual art magazine available only in a tightly bound assortment of chunky-thick pages, glossy front-and-back covers, and near-cardstock paper is the antithesis of what we at Hyperallergic present to you, dear reader. In a world of increasingly networked experiences — where we read stories online and and “meet” lots of people only to know them by their Facebook selfies — there is less physical detritus left behind. But Manya K. Rubenstein and Pete Oyler’s Outpost Journal longs to put the real ink back into print.

With a mission to uncover America’s lesser-known art hubs, Outpost serves the cities that don’t have as much access to national press but no doubt deserve it. In Fall 2011, they published their Pittsburgh edition, and one year later Baltimore hit the stores. This upcoming fall, Outpost is launching its third edition with a focus on Kansas City, the “Paris of the Plains.” We talked with publisher/co-editor Manya K. Rubenstein and creative director/co-editor Pete Oyler about the publication, why print, what drew them to Kansas City, and where they’re headed next.

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