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Kymia Nawabi wins “Work of Art,” season 2.

Kymia Nawabi wins “Work of Art,” season 2.

Kymia Nawabi took home first prize on season two of Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, taking home $100,000 and a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. On the final episode of Work of Art, she organized her works in a presentation titled Not for Long, My Forlorn, a series of drawings that acted as meditations on life and death channeled through ravenous, otherworldly beings and animals that inhabit a purgatory-like space.

Nawabi was the last winner on Work of Art as a show proper. There will be no season three. Echoing China Chow’s “your work of art doesn’t work for us,” Bravo decided thatWork of Art did not work for them. Regardless, Kymia made art reality TV history with her win. After spotting her on a mutual friend’s Facebook wall, engaged in a funny comment thread about Simon de Pury, I decided to chat with her about life post–reality TV stardom.

Alicia Eler: Were you interested in reality TV prior to being cast on Work of Art? Why or why not?

Kymia Nawabi: Absolutely not. The only time I genuinely had interest in reality TV was when I was in high school and the Real World on MTV came out. I hate reality TV shows like Real Housewives, I think they are a waste of money and people’s time. I can’t believe people like watching such stupid, low-class people.

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