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Queer Art Mentorship Video

CHICAGO — While New York may be the American epicenter of all things art, continually battling it out with the fantasyland that is Los Angeles, the opportunity to work with an older, possibly queerer mentor (queerer in the sense that they’re older than you and have been there, done that) doesn’t often just present itself out of nowhere. The Queer Art Mentorship program seeks to remedy what is otherwise a purely mystical, random connection between artist and mentor by serving as the matchmaker, or yenta, if you will. Most of all, the program seeks, by its description, to “give a sense of the value of queer work and cultivate a collection of voices that amplify the queer artistic experience.” Queer Art Mentorship is curated by Lily Binns, co-executive director of Pilobolus Dance Theater, and Ira Sachs, a writer and director, and is currently based in New York. It recently expanded to Los Angeles with Queer/Art/Film/LA and will hopefully continue to spring up in art meccas across the country. Applications for the 2013–14 cycle are due June 28.

Fascinated by the program and how it can build dialogue, relationships, and most of all community through crossgenerational conversation, I spoke with Ira Sachs via email.

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