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Lincoln Selfie

Lincoln Selfie

CHICAGO — A few weeks ago, I thought that I’d had it with selfies It began with a simple Facebook post declaring: “Just say NO to SELFIES <3 <3 <3.” Less than a week later, I found myself doing exactly what I feared: Alone in a dressing room at Target, I was snapping selfies with my iPhone, selecting the perfect one or two, and uploading them to Facebook. The selfies weren’t over — in fact, they had just begun.

This exploration into selfies begins with the post “I, Selfie: Just Say Yes to Selfies,” and it will continue with a new curated set of images submitted by you. Email your selfie and a very brief explanation of why you shot it and what it means to selfies [at] hyperallergic.com.

This series is part of an ongoing conversation around people working in the medium of the selfie, which has roots in adolescent self-portraiture. These imagemakers are accepting themselves as objects, and reflecting their images back through the smartphone camera lens (and optional, accompanying mirrors). They control the images of themselves that float around these murky virtual waters, but they cannot anticipate how these images will be received or perceived by others who exist in the internet void, a space that we pleasurably and both selfishly and selflessly indulge in.

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