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Like to Death project

Like to Death project

CHICAGO — Your Facebook life won’t last forever, and you know it.

That’s the gist of Geoffrey Lillemon and Stööki’s project “Like to Death,” which was commissioned by corporate giant Adidas and confronts the idea of social media death and death on social media. The world’s largest social network may be quite literally killing us — announcements to “leave Facebook” typically end in a triumphant return, signifying a temporary online death — while at the same time, every social network platform is threatened by the overtake of another one. It is one big death network, and we’re all just a part of it.

“Like to Death” begins with a simple, ominous statement about the way social media has become a part of our psyches. To experience this art project, make sure your browsers are up-to-date; if you use Safari, enable WebGL.

As the project loads, the foreboding text on the screen reminds us of our dependency on social media — it has truly become the fifth dimension, the way to stay “connected” to everyone at all times, yet alone in front of a screen or monitor.

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