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Stylist Hayley Pisaturo

Cuz I’m a #diva that’s why (image via Instagram)

CHICAGO — Stylist Hayley Pisaturo is a diva. In her Instagram photostream, she poses by a California license plate, her fingers making the peace sign and her tongue sticking out just enough to imply cunnilingus, thus ironically sexualizing herself in that white girl way. Appearing half-stoned or drunk, she kneels down next to the vanity-plate letters “DIVA 40″ printed boldly below the breezy red cursive letters that spell out a blue state license plate.

Fashioned in the same designer-wearing, giant hoop-earring-toting comic ersatz aesthetic as Kreayshawn, a rapper I begrudgingly enjoy and love to hate, Pisaturo’s exploitative fashion shoot OFFICIAL GLAM GIRL for DIS Magazine is yet another disappointing instance of black womens’ bodies as objects of an unsmiling capitalism, an order ruled smirkingly by a white woman performing a blinged out, pimp-like gender. Everything that this magazine does is presented as somewhat of a joke, with a punchline redeemed by the fatuous appeal of vacant shock or predictable high-low thrills. This one falls flat on its tiny little white girl ass.

In the GLAM GIRLS photo shoot, we are presented with five women who aim to make it as models; they are identified by their first names and current occupation. Missy is a 26-year-old nutritionist from the Bronx; Leoncia is a model and dancer from Queens; Beverly, is a full-time video model who was recently seen in 50 Cent’s “Be My Bitch”; Santhya is an aspiring recording artist trained in traditional Sri Lankan Bharatanatyam dance. And then there’s Mia, who is currently in the Army National Guard. Save for one model, each woman is first presented in a black-and-white photograph, portrayed as a smart-looking professional; she is wearing some variation on a suit or tightly clad dress, sitting on or standing near a swively office chair.

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