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Mark Blanchard, “The Voices In My Head” selfie (2013).

Mark Blanchard, “The Voices In My Head” selfie (2013).

CHICAGO — We’re starting 2014 off right with lots and lots of selfies. Now that we’vecrowned the selfie kings, it’s back to selfie business as usual.

Twenty-year-old Jen Selter seems complacent with the fact that she does mostly body selfies, telling the New York Post that people just want to see her work out while wearing one of her 150 pairs of yoga pants.

Selfie is moving up in the world of brands thanks to the efforts of one design studio, Build, to create a beautiful logo and watermark.

Danielle Bruckman recreated a series of found selfies that portray a buff man sporting a taut handlebar mustache. These images popped up on Bruckman’s iCloud after she misplaced her phone on New Year’s Eve 2012; she quickly became intrigued by this mysterious man she’d never met but who, by some act of kismet, had become a part of her virtual world. One year later, she launched her recreated selfies of her as him.

Who do you see when you gaze into your selfie mirror? This week’s selfie snappers tell us.

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