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An entry in the Selfie Olympics (via imgur)

An entry in the Selfie Olympics (via imgur)

CHICAGO — The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, will begin on February 7, but theselfie olympics have already gone viral. These gold-, silver- and bronze-winning selfies show individuals displaying amazing agility in relation to the mirror. These competitors position themselves under the covers, on mattresses, grilling chicken, eating soup from the sink, biking in the tub, or snapping a photo of themselves photographing someone else on a phone in a bathroom stall.

On a more serious note, reality hits hard in this set of Lebanese protest selfies, which rebuke the notion that selfies are merely narcissistic; they are a medium that can be used to send a political message to the world.

Elsewhere in the world of selfies, Kim Kardashian may have Photoshopped her butt in a selfie because, as New York Magazine Editorial Director Stella Bugbee suggests, she is “all about manufacturing ‘reality’” — she is, well, a “kartoon.”

In our world, here are selfie submissions we’ve received from Milwaukee, Tampa Bay, Warsaw, Portland, and my very own Chicago.

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