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You are now entering the selfie city of Bangkok (imaga via SelfieCity.net)

You are now entering the selfie city of Bangkok (imaga via SelfieCity.net)

LOS ANGELES — Selfie culture is everywhere, and writers besides us here on Hyperallergic are actually beginning to take them seriously.

Nimrod Kamer of The Daily Dot decided that rather than try to take a selfie with a celebrity, he’d wander Highgate Cemetery in London and Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris, where famous dead intellectuals reside six feet under. Rather than dig up the grave of a famous person and take a photograph with the corpse — just imagine the selfies that grave robbers could have shot with Charlie Chaplin’s corpse — Kamer went ahead and took selfies in front of tombstones. Susan Sontag’s headstone gets a nice long-arm selfie. Onlookers get a tinge of la nausée through this Vine selfie that he shot with Jean Paul-Sartre grave.

Selfies now have their own virtual city on SelfieCity.net, a project dedicated to analyzing the styles of selfies in five cities through data visualizations, interactive selfie sets, and essays. Led by digital culture experts Lev Manovich and Daniel Goddemyer, SelfieCity uses a total of 3,200 selfies, all shot between December 4–12, from Bangkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York, and Sao Paulo. Some of their surprisings are completely obvious, while others may cause you to tilt your head in astonishment.

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