ARTINFO Holiday Guide: Art Critics Edition

Essential oil sprays from

Essential oil sprays from

This holiday season, ARTINFO Canada asked me to be a part of the art critics edition of their holiday guide. What assists me in my writing practice? Here’s what I told them:

Chicago writer Alicia Eler wants nothing more than to smell sweet things as she sets pen to the page. – See more at: 627/ creative-gifts-for-creative-types-the-art-critic

ALICIA ELER’S PICKS: “In my writing practice, I always work best when I am creatively and spiritually sound. To help me achieve this state, I desire astrological essential oils from the Three Fates Mystic Shop for my sun, moon, and rising signs of Aquarius, Cancer and Virgo, and corresponding elemental sprays for air, water, and earth.”

From left: Sweet Jain Botanicals’s Astrology Fresh and Element Essential Oil Spray. Both sprays are available for $15 each at

Alicia Eler is an art critic who regularly contributes to Hyperallergic and A book on selfie culture is forthcoming.

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