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Reading ‘The Enemy’ (image copyright Julian McLean)

Reading ‘The Enemy’ (image copyright Julian McLean)

LOS ANGELES — Here’s the problem: “It is how people come to see art as a tool, a flavor, or a device.” So says Charlie White, editor of the The Enemy, a triannual online journal that publishes long-form essays on criticism, social science, poetry, celebrity, and other cultural interests. “When viewed this way, and ultimately utilized or realized within these terms, there is never radical or experimental expression,” White concludes.

The Enemy is an ad-free, glossy print affair influenced by a vast array of publications such as Zing MagazineLacanian InkGrey Roomand Triple Canopy. The Enemy steps up to the internet, yet doesn’t participate in the social media playing field. The second edition of The Enemy is currently out; the third is due in September. I caught up with White via email and over lunch to learn more about who The Enemy is.

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