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Miranda July's Somebody app

Miranda July’s Somebody app

Somewhere, somebody is looking for you. They are waiting at a café on Sunset Boulevard, gazing at the screen of their smartphone, anticipating the tiny ding of a bell that lets them know a message is waiting. They are using Miranda July’s new iOS app Somebody, co-created with support from Miu Miu. In a modern world characterized by permascreen-gaze, Somebody offers incentive for connection in real-life and real-time, nudged along by serendipity. It’s a characteristic of July’s distinct creative oeuvre.

“Somebody is very related to other work I’ve done that elicits performance from the public and art making,” says Miranda July I when reached her by phone. “I am making a script for other people to say ideally in ways that include some of their own voice and story, and provide context and impetus of that.”

July launched the app on August 28 at the Venice Film Festival, accompanied by a 10-minute short movie about a few possible interactions that could happen when using the app.

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