Writer-in-Residence at Adjunct Positions Los Angeles

Alicia Eler

September 15 – October 10, 2014

Adjunct Positions is pleased to host our first Writer in Residence, Alicia Eler. For this three-week appointment, Alicia will focus on the editing process as it relates to Los Angeles. Alicia is an art critic and culture journalist whose coverage of selfie culture is featured in New York Magazine, Washington Post, Psychology Today, Gigaom, and Colorlines. Her fictional writings on adolescent sexualities appear in Illuminati Girl Gang and Projecttile Lit. Alicia is currently writing for Artforum, DailyWorth, KCET Los Angeles and Hyperallergic. She is based in Los Angeles.Please join us on October 25th at 5pm, when Alica will present the findings from her editorial investigations.


Our recent Writer in Residence, Alicia Eler will present her writings, Editing Los Angeles, an essay, a collection of jokes, and other absurd stories at 5pm. The gallery will be open 4-6pm. BYO grillables to BBQ.
Link to Adjunct Positions: http://adjunctpositions.org/archive.html