Conversation with Ligia Manuela Lewis at VIA Publication’s “I Like Your Work 2.0”:::: Los Angeles

I talked with Ms. Lewis at VIA Publication’s “I Like Your Work 2.0” event about her performance work, which engages affect, empathy and pop culture through physicality.

Photo credit: Casey Winkleman

Photo credit: Casey Winkleman


VIA Publication is back again with an upcoming issue and more sweet, smart and awkward conversations at Chinatown’s Melody Lounge. It’s time for our biannual event, I Like Your Work—celebrating that moment when fandom spills offline and into collaboration.

We’ve asked a few of our Issue 04 contributors to send their own messages—”my name is ____, and I really love your ____!”—into the internet abyss to see what they come up with. Please join us for an evening of shot gun interviews supporting their fearlessness and celebrating the artists, administrators, curators, programmers, gardeners, musicians, and writers who fuel, inspire and challenge their own creative practices.

Featuring conversations with:

Alicia Eler & Ligia Manuela Lewis
Becca Lofchie & Nicholas Gottlund
Saewon Oh & Clare Kelly
Laura Copelin & Mud Baron
Erik Benjamins & Wes Avila

Suggested $5 donation.