Art Selfie Quote for Break Thru Radio [PRESS]

I am really pleased to be quoted in this lovely short article about the art selfie movement by Cleo Bergman for Break Thru Radio. Check out the full article here:

Photo courtesy of Olivia Muus, Museum of Selfies.

Photo courtesy of Olivia Muus, Museum of Selfies.

Here is the section where I am quoted:

Others, such as art critic and writer Alicia Eler, believe that selflies are neither good nor bad. Rather, selfies encourage a different and modern manner of experiencing artwork that fits in daily life–much like Munn’s project.

“Taking selfies with a work of art could be a populist move, making art more accessible to the masses through social media,” Eler reasons, “but more likely it is a distraction from the viewing of work itself.”

While some galleries ban or restrict taking selfies, Eler insists that there is “no right answer” to the sentiment behind their actions.

“It is just a different way of experiencing the work through the lens of selfie culture. It’s our world offline; online, it’s ‘your world,'” she continues, “so I say curate it as a reflection of how you want people to see you. It’s your mirror.”