Who Wants To Send Their Friends Money Via Facebook Messenger? / ReadWrite

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

Facebook announced a new feature Tuesday that allows friends to send money to one another through its Messenger app. But that comes at the risk of sharing even more details of your personal life with the social network.

The process is simple. Facebook added a money symbol ($) sign at the bottom of the screen, right above the keyboard. Tap the $ symbol and enter an amount. Then add your debit card, and hit send.

To accept money from a friend, you’ll open the conversation, add your debit card information, and off it goes. Facebook says the funds will be transferred “right away,” although it adds that your bank may not make the money available to you for one to three business days, “just as it does with other deposits.”

The service will be rolling out to U.S. users “over the coming months,” the company said.

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