The BrOccult Podcast!! with Molly Shea!!

BrOccult artwork by Molly Shea

BrOccult artwork by Molly Shea

Hello hello! I’m pleased to announce BrOccult, a new podcast. 

BrOccult is 1/2 Bro, 1/2 Occult, All Over the Place.

BrOccult is a podcast by writer Alicia Eler and artist Molly Shea. Together  they delve in to life in Los Angeles, New Age trends and the Interwebs, whilst bro-ing out and aligning their chakras.

We invite you to listen to all of the episodes here:

Here are links to every episode from most recent to oldest!

Episode 3: Ace of Cups

Episode 2: Five of Cups, or Don’t Cry Over Spilt Gatorade/Witchblood

Episode 1: Introducing BrOccult, 7 of wands!

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