Beyond Pranks: Marc Horowitz’s Mischievous Social Practice / KCET Artbound LA


Los Angeles-based artist Marc Horowitz isn’t a comedian, but humor is an underlying theme in his wide ranging art. Through all of his hybrid performance art/comedy/social practice/long-form experimental projects, he works in a manner more akin to improv comedy than standup, and starts from a place of vulnerability that eventually spins out into something that takes on a life of its own. It is as if to say that Horowitz births the gremlin, but isn’t responsible for its potential evil turn. The journey is the destination, and the end point is unknown — if non-existent.

While his art is often entertaining, he eschews the labels that come with it. “I’ve never thought of myself as an entertainer or comedian,” he says.

Horowitz has been conducting public experiments for more than 15 years, and has always been active on the Internet, chronicling his exploits on YouTube. His work is more hybrid than purebred, more Cory Arcangel than Mark Grotjahn.

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