Mirabelle Jones Fights For Women’s Rights One Catcall at a Time / KCET Artbound


Catcalling can happen randomly. As a woman, you might start to even expect it. Over time, some women become less phased by it and more internally pissed off. It’s hard to remain neutral and unfeeling when some random guy yells obscenities at you, tells you he wants to have your baby, or just that you should die. Catcalling and street harassment are everyday elements of the pervasive rape culture that is bent on violence toward women, and that, for some women, incites even more distrust toward men.

Los Angeles-based artist Mirabelle Jones’ art practices focuses on what it could be like if this culture wasn’t so ubiquitous. She contemplates a world where women could speak back without fear, and explores how to heal from this sort of casual sexism. Her artwork about catcalling and street harassment began in San Francisco in 2011. Her endurance-based performance project “To Skin a Catcaller” (2015) at San Francisco’s ATA gallery recently went viral.

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