What these 4 TV shows tell us about texting and dating / DailyDot Entertainment


Don’t sweat that text reply from the person you’re crushing on. If we’ve learned anything from these four streaming TV shows, it’s that if the cutie is interested, they’ll text back.

Sometimes it feels like the days of being unavailable or unreachable are over, but in the dating world, that’s simply not true. People are constantly checking their phones, and reply when they feel like it. Texts offer information about a person—mainly if they are a good communicator—and how much they are willing to share via text. There’s something sensational about getting a text just as you’re thinking of a crush—there’s a sense that human connection does transcend technology’s cold interface.

Texting as it relates to dating and romance has been explored via streaming shows like Netflix’s Love, Master of None, and House of Cards, and HBO’s Hello Ladies. These shows look at the emotional vulnerability of texting in the early phases of dating; as two people get to know each other, there’s less focus on the screen and more on the tension between them as people.
That’s what these series get right about texting: how scary it is to date, be vulnerable with someone, and not place much emphasis on the sending and receiving of texts.

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