Mood Chat for iOS gives your conversations an added layer of emotion / DailyDot Tech

58f3364c7cee37bd75d871e2c11a22b0A new iOS app is changing the way its users converse. Mood Chat is about sending something shorter than a voicemail but with the Internet-y flair of your #currentmood. Internet artist, goofball, and developer Tom Galle’s new iOS app Mood Chat gives conversation partners the opportunity to get away from the flat, bland, emotionally vacant text message interaction, and joyfully switch to audio messages that include a variety of background sounds.

This novel feature gives every message the feeling of being in an audio-only movie of one’s life, or a throwback to leaving a voicemail for someone while playing a song in the background that matches your current mood. The Daily Dot caught up with Galle to get the inside story on the new app.

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