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Illustration by Bruno Moraes

Illustration by Bruno Moraes

It’s that special day, and for many of us it only happens once in a lifetime. Not birth or death—it’s your wedding day! Thanks to social media, there’s even more pressure to make sure your performance is exactly what all the glossy wedding magazines and the Wedding Industrial Complex hopes it will be: The most joyful day of your life.

While there’s no shame in wanting things to go smoothly, there is shame in bombing a speech. When no one laughs, cries, or identifies with the stories or jokes in a speech given by a best man, maid of honor, or father of the bride, it can be humiliating.

In this digitally minded world, social media would have us believe that anyone can post a clear, easily followable story on Facebook (well, at least some friends can, with the help of the “edit” button)—and thus they could ostensibly do the same when writing a speech at a friend’s wedding. That’s simply not true. Not everyone is a natural storyteller, especially when it comes to telling a tale about someone who isn’t you to, at the very best, a room half-full of strangers.

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