Richard Prince is Still a Dick / CRAVE


There’s a rumor going around that Richard Prince used to date Cindy Sherman. It was so what seemed to be the perfect art world couple that I tweeted about it after I drove home from the opening of the show Richard Prince: The Turnbaugh Collection (1977–1988) at Edward Cella Art & Architecture. The tweet reads: “Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince used to be a thing but she got out before he could appropriate her work.”

Indeed, Prince and Sherman did date, which I gathered based on his mentions of her in his frequent correspondence with collector Douglas Turnbaugh. Their letters and other works by Prince when he was a young emerging artist are on view in the exhibition. The work in this show offers a glimpse of an artist who is on his way to becoming mega art world famous, and includes ephemera, sketches, photographs from trips, and letters between the artist and Turnbaugh. There’s other stuff, too, like a beautiful leather jacket, a few postcards from Hollywood, a cute mixtape, early art manifestos, and some filmic experiments. Oh, and there are a lot of drawings of dicks (mostly his own), and plenty of dick-ish behavior to boot.