This is Why People Keep Talking About the L.A. Art Scene / CRAVE


Curators Hamza Walker and Aram Moshayedi love their prepositions. It makes sense that the name of this year’s Made in L.A. biennial doesn’t have a specific theme, but rather is simply a, the, through, only, a line from a poem by minimalist poet Aram Saroyan. If you want to think about it literally, L.A. is a place of prepositions, of freeways winding around and through, of a street that not even a native Angelino has heard of. Wide-ranging spaces and empty spaces make L.A. a place of seemingly endless opportunity for creatives. This calls to mind the SNL sketch “The Californians”, which makes fun of how the common banter for Angelenos truly is how they got from point A to point B.

Regardless of its L.A.-ness, a, the, through, only doesn’t dabble in pop culture references or L.A. art shoutouts. There are no such L.A. clichés in this show. There isn’t even any photography in this show, which is ironic considering that L.A. is one of the most imaged cities in the world. In selecting this collection of 26 artists that make up the heart of L.A.’s creativity in this cultural moment, Walker and Moshayedi have created a beautiful, thorough, and infinitely curious exhibition that touches every corner of L.A., which might be impossible since this is a place made up of curved lines, not right angles.