Wall To Wall | Jennifer Korsen: Art of the Heart / CRAVE


Artist Jennifer Korsen grew up in the Valley, but her heart beats throughout Los Angeles. Like the freeways and streets that connect every area of this sprawling city, through her work Korsen uses the heart, an organ every living human intimately knows, to discuss ongoing themes of communication and connection. The L.A.-based artist, who prefers large-scale murals and woodcut interventions in abandoned phone booths, places her work in public places where it can become an impetus for discussion among strangers and friends alike.

“The heart is one of those symbols that everyone can relate to, and it’s something that changes over time,” Korsen says. “You could be looking at a heart one day and think, ‘oh, this is power, this is connection,’ and then based on your experiences another day it could be something sad if you’re feeling heartbroken.”
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