Skewering clichés in Ellen von Unwerth’s erotic Bavarian wonderland / CNN

From Ellen von Unwerth's series "HEIMAT"

From Ellen von Unwerth’s series “HEIMAT”

Los Angeles (CNN) — Milk the cows. Churn the butter. Chop the wood.

These farmland chores sound boring as all hell until they’re re-envisioned as a campy Bavarian fantasy in “Heimat,” a series by German photographer Ellen von Unwerth.
The photos have been compiled in a 454-page art tome published by Taschen, which is accompanied by a gallery show of blown-up images at the publisher’s West Hollywood exhibition space.
At first, it’s hard to know where to look inside the huge warehouse-style gallery. A girl peeking through a thick pretzel stands out, as do two girls standing in a boat on a lake, a fish hanging from the end of a rod. On another wall, three buxom models coyly peel potatoes with knives, turning the banal erotic.