The Women Behind Netflix’s Girlboss Share How You Can Start Being the Boss of Your Own Life / GLAMOUR

GB_101_Unit_00470_RWhen Charlize Theron read Sophia Amoruso’s memoir, #Girlboss, about the eBay entrepreneur’s unconventional approach to starting the Nasty Gal empire, it wasn’t the author’s history of dumpster diving or her rebellious attitude that drew Theron in. No, “every page was pure motivation,” says the actress and producer. “It wasn’t ‘Here are 10 ways you can get rich’; it was the exact opposite of that. It was about finding what you love and working hard at it.” Theron’s company, Denver & Delilah, struck a deal with Netflix, and Charlize brought Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect) on board to run the show and helped hire rising star Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland) as fiery Sophia. The result, Girlboss, a comedy debuting on April 21, is a coming-of-age tale about a relatable young girl who lives next door to RuPaul in the show (as TV people do) but also fails just as much as she wins. So—real world. Glamour sat down with Theron, Amoruso, Robertson, and Cannon to talk about what it really takes to get to be the women at the top.

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