The Edna Kolmas Janis Project (2004–2014)

"Proud of Her Suburban Home" from the series "Alicia as Her Grandma Edna" (2004)

Six months before my grandmother died, I dropped out of Oberlin College and enrolled in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I felt compelled to be in Chicago, and to help my family care for my grandmother before she passed. I completed the imagery for this project in 2004; now, eight years later, […]

Gendered Assumptions (2010)

"Femme and Butch" (2010)

We restaged Brassai’s 1932 photograph “Butch and Femme,” which captures a gay Parisian couple out to dinner. Reimagining this photograph in the context of the 21st century leads viewers to question what it means to be queer, and questions the assumed gender roles of traditional lesbian relationships. Tweet