Interview | Kate Berlant: Comedy from the Other Side / CRAVE


Kate Berlant is a comedian whose work has been described as “surreal,” “not comedy,” and “experimental comedy.” In her very empathic, somewhat “psychic,” and theatrical-without-that-pretentious-edge comedy that’s touring all over the country and especially landing in Los Angeles, Kate takes the stage with a presence that is mesmerizing, hilarious, and seemingly effortless. She remains present without even trying, […]

Review | Genevieve Gaignard’s “For Us Only” at Shulamit Nazarin Gallery / CRAVE

Genevieve Gaignard, "Hoodrat Thangs" (2015)

In Genevieve Gaignard’s solo show “For Us Only” at Shulamit Nazarin, she imagines three distinct character personas, all of which connect to her identity as a high yellow femme woman. She is of mixed race but her identity reads to most people as a “ginger,” a white girl, ultimately rendering her invisible as a person […]

8 sure signs you’re texting way too much / Daily Dot LOL

Image via DailyDot LOL

I thought we were getting to know each other, but then she admitted to me how she really felt… about my texting. It wasn’t the first time someone told me that I was a “prolific texter.” The words rolled off her tongue in a combination of both awe and fear, communicating a pointed question: “Do […]

Exhausting Every Politically Correct Avenue in ‘The Wong Street Journal’ / CRAVE

Kristina Wong in 'The Wong Street Journal' // All photos courtesy of REDCAT. Credit: Rafael Hernandez.

The work of performance artist Kristina Wong simultaneously tackles issues of social media obsession, globalization in conversation with personal narrative, anti-imperialist anti-racist travels to Uganda, and what happens when one self-declared Asian-American performance artist somehow becomes a Ugandan rap star. This all sounds promising and totally hilarious, but what went down wasn’t exactly triumphant. Wong’s […]

Review | The Industry’s HOPSCOTCH is a Nightmare on Wheels / CRAVE

All HOPSCOTCH photos courtesy of Alicia Eler

Hopscotch, a “mobile opera” experience, feels like the tech-induced insanity that one imagines is life as a Silicon Valley mobile tech bro jacked up on a crazy amount of apps, chats, emails, and constant “ping” sounds, giving him no choice but to spiral into a tunnel of psychological disassociation and physical distancing from any human contact. […]

Miranda July on Killing Somebody / Artsy

Miranda July at home in Los Angeles. December 19, 2014. Portrait of Miranda July by Elizabeth Weinberg.

For the past year, Miranda July’s app Somebody has facilitated the transmission of messages to people you know via strangers. Type a note into the app—with instructions regarding how the message should be conveyed, if you wish—and another user will be sent on a mission to find your friend and deliver it verbally. The app […]

Review – Kristin Cammermeyer’s Sensory Overload at Insert Blanc’s Outside Gallery / CRAVE

Installation shot of Cammermeyer's exhibition at Outside Gallery.

Kristin Cammermeyer’s show at Insert Blanc Press’ Outside Gallery is a curious combination of kaleidoscopic visions that include hanging ornaments that remind me of non-functional bird cages and windmill parts gone astray. Los Angeles offers its residents the gift of year-long temperate weather, and so Mathew Timmons and his girlfriend Chris Niemi decided to take […]

I tried to write about sex toys for a content graveyard / Daily Dot LOL LOL

It was a Thursday morning. I’d already filed two stories and was trying to wind down my extremely active brain before hitting a new assignment. I had hit “refresh” on my email approximately 23 times for the sheer compulsion of it, and I finally felt done. I was ready to go to the Cloud. Not […]

Review – Zoe Crosher: Prospecting Palm Fronds / CRAVE

Installation shot from Zoe Crosher's "LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds" (2015).

Zoe Crosher’s new body of work LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds at LAX Art (on view through October 24) offers an uncannily beautiful approach to L.A.-specific detritus with a DuChampian appeal toward the question: What is contemporary art? Here’s the gist: Crosher goes around to various sites in Los Angeles, picking up palm fronds that have fallen […]

6 Monumental Art and Theater Events We’d Travel Back In Time To See / CRAVE

Time travel button by whatleydude via Flickr.

There are events and world happenings that we all wish we’d been alive to witness. My dad fondly recalls his tripped-out visit to Woodstock, and though he has no photographs from the event, when he talks about it I feel like I was there. Rather than wander down a nostalgic history of days past with dad, […]