Breathing Life into a High-Tech, Glowing Sphere / Hyperallergic

Documentation of Seth Cluett’s performance at Fridman Gallery (photo courtesy Naroa Lizar/Fridman Gallery)

Back in the late ’90s, I considered going to raves. There were kids at my high school wearing jelly bracelets, wide-legged JNCO skater jeans, and last night’s eyeliner and mascara, smeared and stained. In our 9am homeroom class I could see the multi-colored, ever-flashing lights of last night’s rave bouncing off my classmates’ whites, the power transcendent and […]

Totally Swiped: Seinfeld Predicted Tinder in 1993! / CRAVE Online ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column


Seinfeld is a show that’s inevitably about nothing and everything, an endlessly fascinating and frustrating show about the complexities of interpersonal relationships, coincidences, and people who care about each other but are also totally self-involved. In Seinfeld’s book, SeinLanguage, published in 1993, he predicted the dating awkwardnesses that happen quite regularly on Tinder, the addictive […]

From Cum Shots to Orgasmic GIFs, a Playful Take on Virtual Sex / Hyperallergic

Faith Holland, “Sub/emissions” (2015) (all images courtesy Faith Holland and TRANSFER Gallery)

Faith Holland’s show TECHNOPHILIA at Transfer Gallery left me wanting more, kind of like I imagine a good dick pic would. Of course, like any sexualized image sent between two consenting parties, it’s not about the image — it’s about the energy activated between sender and receiver, two participants in a virtual fantasy space. The […]

My mother, myself / The Guardian


I had been living in Los Angeles for a little over a year when my parents came to visit – finally, reluctantly. They were upset that I’d moved so far away from Chicago; they would have preferred I relocate to New York City, but they told me that they just wanted me to be happy. […]

Dreaming of the Real: Observing Artist Scott Marvel Cassidy / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


In Scott Marvel Cassidy’s paintings, drawings and sculpture, it’s often times impossible to separate reality from a dreamlike state, or to differentiate the manufacture of a domesticity with the actual domestic life. Focused on intersecting themes of memory, the immediate physical environment, and the quandaries of referring to painting as purely “representational,” Cassidy’s painting, drawing […]

Tinder Tales: Veronique the Goth / CRAVE Online ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column

Tinder goth vibes TMI

I messaged her on a Sunday morning. We’d matched the previous day, and I was curious to get a chat going — I actually felt motivated to try and physically meet someone off Tinder. She wrote back, addressing me by my first name instead of a more generic “girl” or “lady.” Veronique was her name. I […]

Tinder Tales: I Like Your Hands / CRAVE Online ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.29.51 PM

There are three ways to approach someone on Tinder after you’ve matched: Say some variation of “hey, how are you?”, send over a compliment based on an image, or ask them a question based off of the photos they’ve posted. It’s hard to start up a conversation with a stranger when you’ve got no context. […]

Uber Tales: Jimmy The Ghost Hunter / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column


It was time for my Uber and Lyft adventures to come to an end. I did the numbers and learned that I couldn’t afford to pay for a car service everyday. But before I decided to call it quits with the car companies that fulfilled my temporary (albeit tainted-by-lame-sexist-dudes) fantasy of getting chauffeured around, I called […]

The Uber and Lyft Drivers That Dreams Aren’t Made Of / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column


As usual, I missed the bus. This was probably a good thing because the bus takes at least one hour to get anywhere from where I live in Los Angeles’ Highland Park neighborhood to the other side of the Interstate 5. By car it’s only 15-20 minutes. Lately I’ve been switching up Uber adventures with […]

Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic / .dpi 32 Queer Networks


By Alicia Eler and Brannon Rockwell-CharlandNo: 32 Queer Networks   Abstract Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic focuses on Tumblr as a space of safety, creativity, self-expression, and escape for young queer women and women of color while considering the paradox of the Internet as subject to market logic. It is a fluid, deeply […]