Let comedian Katina Corrao plan your hot date night / DailyDot

Ask anyone in show business, and they’ll tell you that the path to success is lined with delusion, hope, and hard work. It’s a combination that NYC-based comedian/actor/writer Katina Corrao knows rather well. After 10 years of putting herself out there through standup comedy—a passion she didn’t know she had until she started doing it—Corrao […]

Actor and Comedian John Early is Taking Over All Your Screens / MAXIM

John Early is literally on fire — there are more flames coming off of him than a young Divine in Pink Flamingos. The young actor-comedian is everywhere—from scoring a Netflix Special titled The Characters to a major role in TBS’s Search Party as well as appearances in Judd Apatow’s show Love and Seth Rogen’s new Neighbors 2. John is also known […]

Fred Melamed on his heralded new Netflix series, ‘Lady Dynamite’ / DailyDot

Show business isn’t for the faint of heart. People tend to think of entertainment industry managers and agents as cutthroat types who lunge at opportunities and fight to the death for their A-list clients. But what if that’s not true? In Maria Bamford’s new Netflix show Lady Dynamite, out today, actor Fred Melamed plays her […]

Review: Tumblr-turned-book ‘How May We Hate You?’ / DailyDot

Like many millennials, Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with big ambitions but no clear paths to stardom. So they did what many of us with dead-end day jobs do: They started a blog about their experiences working as concierges in a Times Square hotel. Much like […]

Jibz Cameron’s Alter Ego Dynasty Handbag Tells It Like It Is / Artsy

Dynasty Handbag is a performer you won’t easily forget. She is visually striking, typically wearing outlandish outfits onstage, such as a black spandex swimsuit or a vintage long-sleeved shirt and transparent tights tucked into oversized, gold granny panties. Her makeup consists of heavy swathes of blush, thick lashings of eye shadow, and an abundance of […]

I’m writing a book called THE SELFIE GENERATION!

I am so excited to announce that I’m officially working with Skyhorse Books on my first book, THE SELFIE GENERATION. Thank you for love and support. I can’t wait for you all to read it!!!!! Here’s the official announcement from Donald Maass Literary Agency: http://maassagency.com/deal-alicia-eler/ Deal: Alicia Eler Tweet

Panel | This is What Feminism 4.0 Looks Like / CRAVE

What is feminism today, in the age of social media, smartphones, and the Internet? When images of people are literally everywhere, it starts to feel as if all people are in some ways flattened, fragmented objects. How does one assert oneself as a feminist in an age when the feminist movement has been commodified and […]

Artist Melissa Huddleston Examines The Relationship of Art To Beauty (Products) / CRAVE

          As a Conservation Assistant at the Getty Research Institute, artist Melissa Huddleston is privy to the depth’s of the institution’s massive holdings. Among these, nestled deep in the Getty Archives, is curator Harald Szeemann’s entire collection of correspondence with artists, scholars and other curators. But that’s not all! There’s also […]

Exhibit | There’s Something Fishy Happening at the Hammer Museum / CRAVE

  Don’t let the title of this show fool you: there are not many photographs of fish in Still Life with Fish at the Hammer Museum. This exhibition of West Coast photography offers a comprehensive look at conceptual photography from the 1960s to the present. Drawn from the Hammer’s permanent collection and the UCLA Grunwald […]

Sam Richardson from ‘VEEP’ on TV’s Hottest Political Sitcom / MAXIM

It’s hard to hate a do-gooder who is charmingly oblivious. Take Richard Splett, played by Sam Richardson plays on HBO’s hit political cringe comedy hit Veep.Splett is an idealistic political lackey who’s extremely eager to please, yet somehow manages to constantly annoy everyone around him. Richardson’s character first popped up in Veep Season 3, and by […]