How to make your wedding speech viral-worthy / DailyDot Lifestyle

It’s that special day, and for many of us it only happens once in a lifetime. Not birth or death—it’s your wedding day! Thanks to social media, there’s even more pressure to make sure your performance is exactly what all the glossy wedding magazines and the Wedding Industrial Complex hopes it will be: The most […]

In Review | Carmen Argote: Making Order Out of Sisterly Chaos / CRAVE

The sister bond goes deep. It’s something that L.A.-based artist Carmen Argote knows from the literal inside out. In her newest solo exhibition, Alex’s Room, at Commonwealth & Council Gallery, Carmen focuses on her sister, Alex. Family is an ongoing theme for Carmen. Her father was the subject of her last two solo exhibitions at Adjunct […]

With ‘Orange Is the New Black’ season 4, drama becomes formulaic / DailyDot Entertainment

Orange Is the New Black has become a slowly molding piece of bread. It’s unpleasant to chew and swallow. And what’s the point? Once upon a time, we were hooked on the super binge-worthy Netflix show, based on the memoir by Piper Kerman about her year in a women’s prison. Season 4 lands in our queue […]

In Review | The Finite Realities of Christopher Russell’s ‘Ersatz Infinities’ / CRAVE

Christopher Russell manipulates natural landscapes, messing with the viewer’s ideas of reality. In his solo exhibition Ersatz Infinities at Mark Moore Gallery, the Portland-based artist wanders through a series of landscape photographs, heavily manipulating to the point of near-abstraction. He creates pigment prints which he scratches into with a razor. Such is typical of Russell’s […]

In Review | Rodrigo Valenzuela and the Ruins of Future Past / CRAVE

Rodrigo Valenzuela traverses futuristic ruins in his solo exhibition, Sin Héroes. Even though his work appears to be from “the future,” there’s another conversation happening here about the labor needed to make art. In this way, the working mentality of the middle class and working class dominate the underpinnings of his constructed spaces. In the front […]

Mood Chat for iOS gives your conversations an added layer of emotion / DailyDot Tech

A new iOS app is changing the way its users converse. Mood Chat is about sending something shorter than a voicemail but with the Internet-y flair of your #currentmood. Internet artist, goofball, and developer Tom Galle’s new iOS app Mood Chat gives conversation partners the opportunity to get away from the flat, bland, emotionally vacant […]

In Review | Amie Dicke: Redundancies, Voids and Metaphors of the ‘Real’ / CRAVE

In our postmodern world, one’s identity is fragmented. Quests for the “real” or “authenticity” come off as laughable if posed within the context of art making. Amie Dicke’s solo show Quote Unquote at Anat Ebgi Gallery has a certain air of embracing mediated constructions of the self. In order to search for realness, however, it’s […]

Let comedian Katina Corrao plan your hot date night / DailyDot Entertainment

Ask anyone in show business, and they’ll tell you that the path to success is lined with delusion, hope, and hard work. It’s a combination that NYC-based comedian/actor/writer Katina Corrao knows rather well. After 10 years of putting herself out there through standup comedy—a passion she didn’t know she had until she started doing it—Corrao […]

Actor and Comedian John Early is Taking Over All Your Screens / MAXIM

John Early is literally on fire — there are more flames coming off of him than a young Divine in Pink Flamingos. The young actor-comedian is everywhere—from scoring a Netflix Special titled The Characters to a major role in TBS’s Search Party as well as appearances in Judd Apatow’s show Love and Seth Rogen’s new Neighbors 2. John is also known […]

Fred Melamed on his heralded new Netflix series, ‘Lady Dynamite’ / DailyDot

Show business isn’t for the faint of heart. People tend to think of entertainment industry managers and agents as cutthroat types who lunge at opportunities and fight to the death for their A-list clients. But what if that’s not true? In Maria Bamford’s new Netflix show Lady Dynamite, out today, actor Fred Melamed plays her […]