Managing Editor: The OPP ART CRITICS SERIES for the OtherPeoplesPixels Blog

We are pleased to announce The OPP ART CRITICS SERIES, a new collaboration with OtherPeoplesPixels. In the spirit of continuing to explore/explode Mr. Walter Benjamin’s idea of the “aura,” artist-run website portfolio service OtherPeoplesPixels is tackling the idea of asking art critics to examine art through websites rather than in a gallery or museum setting. We were […]

The Child is (Un)dead: Taxidermy Art as Resurrected Victorian Post-Mortem Photography / Essay for the OPP Art Critics Series

Slipping the fur skin of a dead animal over a perfectly crafted taxidermy form produces a visual illusion of life, much in the tradition of a trompe l’oeil painting. In traditional taxidermy terms, the relationship between man and animal is that of a hunter conquering nature. The tradition of taxidermy as art dates back to […]