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I am net art quotable. Thank goodness! Find it here: Tweet – Terry Richardson Has Been Called A Sex Offender, But It’s What He ISN’T Being Called Now That Will Probably Burn Him The Most! [PRESS]


Perez Hilton picked up the Buzzfeed Terry Richardson article that I’m in! THANKS PEREZ!!! And lastly, Alicia Eler, writer and critic of Hyperallergic‘s opinion was revealed as: “Terry Richardson makes images that ask you to look at them not because they ask hard questions or question cultural norms, but because they are glossy and filled with celebrity.” […]

Terry Richardson Isn’t Much Of An Artist, Art Critics Say – BUZZFEED [PRESS]

Not exactly Robert Mapplethorpe. The Face, 1995/GQ, 2010

Buzzfeed Reporter Jessica Testa approached me with a deceptively simple question: Is Terry Richardson a good artist? Here’s my quote in her article: “Terry Richardson makes images that ask you to look at them not because they ask hard questions or question cultural norms, but because they are glossy and filled with celebrity,” said Hyperallergic writer and […]

“New Media Selfie” for KC Studio Magazine [PRESS]

Set your selfie straight

I’m quoted in Carrie Riehl and Ross Redman’s article “New Media Selfie” for KC Studio Magazine. Check out the web version here: Print version here: Quotes from me here: “I think there is a clear measure of disingenuousness in selfies like Ellen’s corporate Samsung-sponsored selfie at the 2014 Academy Awards. This became another version of […]

“Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie” by Jerry Saltz — New York Magazine [PRESS]


I am honored to be a part of Jerry Saltz’s take on the selfie in his column for this week’s New York Magazine. Check out the quote here: Selfies are usually casual, improvised, fast; their primary purpose is to be seen here, now, by other people, most of them unknown, in social networks. They are never […]

Mortified Chicago: Adolescence revisited on ABC-7′s show 190North [TV]


I’ll never forget what it was like to be a teenage girl. Crushes kept me up all night long journaling about a never-ending wave of emotions. I scrawled poems about masturbation while listening to songs on repeat from my idol, queer folk singer-songwriter Ani Difranco. And, of course, I wrote songs about my intense relationships […]

“Why Selfies? Why Introverts? Why Now?” at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival

Post-panel selfie with John Roderick and Beth Buelow!

The good folks at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Arts & Culture Festival invited me to participate on the panel “Why Selfies? Why Introverts? Why Now?” at Town Hall. I had a grand time talking about selfies’ relationship to the history of portraiture, photography and pop culture with host John Roderick, lead singer and guitarist for the band […]

Selfie Column Featured in Psychology Today magazine

Peregrine Honig, Silver Selfie (2013)

My selfie column is in Psychology Today, along with this excellent #artselfie by artist and reality TV star Peregrine Honig! Check it out: Tweet

“Obama Pens Apology to an Art Historian” for Hyperallergic Featured on The Rachel Maddow Show + Hardball with Chris Matthews


The news I broke for Hyperallergic ended up on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show and NBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.  MADDOW: MATTHEWS: Read the original story that I wrote for Hyperallergic here:   Tweet

‘Selfie’-reliance: The word of the year is the story of our individualism – Washington Post

Mal Fairclough/AP -  In a photo from Sept. 21, 2012 , Kim Kardashian, left, is surrounded by her fans who are attempting to have their photographs taken with her as she leaves a radio station in Melbourne, Australia. (Image via Washington Post)

The Washington Post quotes me in a story about selfie culture: Selfies are a form of vernacular photography, like amateur daguerreotype or Polaroid, says Alicia Eler, who writes routinely about selfies on the arts Web site Hyperallergic, and the prevalence of the artistic tool (the smartphone) doesn’t diminish the value of the work. “I think the […]