Amazing mention in The New Yorker!

I am so honored the the essay “The Teen-Girl Tumblr Aesthetic” that I co-authored for Hyperallergic a few years ago with Kate Durbin is in today’s New Yorker! read Haley Mlotek’s review of @SoSadToday’s new book of poetry, which discusses a similar concept that Durbin and I unpacked in our essay: “‘Girls’ sadness is not passive, […]

“Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie” by Jerry Saltz — New York Magazine [PRESS]

I am honored to be a part of Jerry Saltz’s take on the selfie in his column for this week’s New York Magazine. Check out the quote here: Selfies are usually casual, improvised, fast; their primary purpose is to be seen here, now, by other people, most of them unknown, in social networks. They are never […]

‘Selfie’-reliance: The word of the year is the story of our individualism – Washington Post

The Washington Post quotes me in a story about selfie culture: Selfies are a form of vernacular photography, like amateur daguerreotype or Polaroid, says Alicia Eler, who writes routinely about selfies on the arts Web site Hyperallergic, and the prevalence of the artistic tool (the smartphone) doesn’t diminish the value of the work. “I think the […]

‘Sylvia’ finds new life on a blog – Chicago Tribune

Two weeks ago, when Nicole Hollander started a blog, she immediately notified the people who protested when the Chicago Tribune dropped her comic strip, “Sylvia.” She wanted her loyal readers to know that there was a new spot to find Sylvia’s feminist wisecracks and cranky deep thoughts, even though the strip had vanished from Chicago […]

Interview for “The State of the (Visual) Art” in Newcity Newspaper

Where is art criticism headed? What role do social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook play in its growth? Is it the end of print media all together? This week I had the pleasure of discussing these questions with Newcity Art Editor Jason Foumberg for his article, The State of the (Visual) Art, which is […]

Newcity Newspaper: Review of “Video as Video: Rewind to Form”

RECOMMENDED If you haven’t been to Albany Park’s new art gallery, Swimming Pool, the current show, “Video as Video: Rewind to Form,” is the perfect excuse for a Saturday outing (Saturday being the only day this independent space is open to the public). The curators are intent on delivering video that has been distilled to […]