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hey whats up I am Claire, a ~normcore goth~ from the VALLEY in Los Angeles with a strong Twitter presence. Follow me on Twitter to enjoy all of my death-defying posts and fashion snaffos, thoughts about astrology and the Smashing Pumpkins’ album ZERO, and everything that makes me feel lots of things. I am a […]

7 Indicators That You’re a Health Goth / BuzzFeed

Chainsmoking cigarettes and drinking Absinthe with friends is so 1996. Real goths can’t reach spiritual enlightenment if they’re sitting at home ingesting toxins. Instead, they’re turning to health goth extremes, saving their blackened souls from an untimely death. Are you a health goth? Read this list and decide for yourself.         […]

5 Ways You Know You’re A Normcore Goth / BuzzFeed

Ever wondered if you’re a normcore goth, this simple guide will answer all of your questions. Tweet