‘Broad City’ animator Mike Perry sends out psychedelic color splashes / DailyDot Entertainment

Wordplay is an art. Sometimes it takes the form of puns on Twitter or weaves its way into standup jokes. Other times, the words themselves become ecstatic visual experiences. Artist Mike Perry, who created the title animations for the hit TV show Broad City, knows about the power and playfulness that words carry. Fittingly, Perry’s […]

WhoHaha is a new comedy channel for emerging female voices / DailyDot Entertainment

There’s a lot of funny content on the Internet, but you have to know where to look. Is Twitter your short zinger jam? Is it video you’re looking for? You might just want to go right to WhoHaha, a new site launched by actress/producer/director Elizabeth Banks. Its clever title refers to the “who” behind the […]

Exhibit | Eric Yahnker Plumbs the Depths of American Dumbness / CRAVE

Dumbness is everywhere. Donald Trump, the parody-proof candidate, is just one example of our fascination with the pervasiveness of dumb as it plays out in the theatrical world of American politics. Eric Yahnker’s solo show Noah’s Yacht at Zevitas Marcus Gallery presents viewers with all types of American dumbness, including pun-able phrases, clichés of American […]

What these 4 TV shows tell us about texting and dating / DailyDot Entertainment

Don’t sweat that text reply from the person you’re crushing on. If we’ve learned anything from these four streaming TV shows, it’s that if the cutie is interested, they’ll text back. Sometimes it feels like the days of being unavailable or unreachable are over, but in the dating world, that’s simply not true. People are […]

Breasts, Bernie, and face tats: Exploring the video art of Andrew DeYoung / DailyDot Entertainment

Filmmaker Andrew DeYoung was just chilling on the Internet one day, when Kate Berlant’s “Lampshade Susan” video popped up on his Facebook feed. After being stunned by her brilliance and hilarity, he decided that he had to seek out more of her. So he did what any 21st-century millennial would: He jumped on Twitter and liked a […]

Exhibit | PDFW: Performance. Drawing. Film. Writing. / CRAVE

When someone is applying to art school, they usually decide to focus on a specific medium. It’s one way to hone in on the bigger picture of what their art is about; to major in every medium because the student can’t pick one is problematic.  The same issue plagues the broad, all-encompassing vagueness that is […]

The many faces of Lauren Lapkus / DailyDot Entertainment

Not every comedian can boast that they’ve performed 70 different characters. Lauren Lapkus can. One of Lapkus’s standby characters, Whitney Peeps, opens her 30-minute Netflix special The Characters. At the beginning of her episode, Peeps strolls out of her dressing room, long blonde hair draped over her horribly bronzed skin, framing glistening, Barbie-doll-sparkly eyes. “Real women […]

Miranda July on Why Catherine Opie is Into Elizabeth Taylor’s Stuff / CRAVE

Miranda July took to the stage at the West Hollywood Council Chambers the other weekend with an air of curiosity, lucidness and vulnerability. For her lecture “Artists on Artists: Miranda July on Catherine Opie,” she spoke about artist Catherine Opie’s latest show 700 Nimes Road, which is a collection of photographs of Elizabeth Taylor’s stuff and […]

Josh Gondelman on Twitter pep talks and honest comedy / DailyDot Entertainment

Some comedians don’t take shit from anyone. Josh Gondelman is truly an exception. In fact, he’ll hold your shit if you hand it to him and ask nicely. Gondelman recently hosted a release party in Los Angeles for his new album,Physical Whisper, the title of which comes from a joke about kissing his girlfriend. He’s […]

In Review | Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel / CRAVE

Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel at Think Tank Gallery was exactly what you’d expect it to be: a collection of various portraits, interpretations and visualizations of more than 75 artists’ portrayals of the familiar feline, an homage to the malleable pussy and the human obsession with it. Yet with a theme as broad and playful […]