An Aquatic Video Performance Immerses Us in the California Drought / Hyperallergic

Installation view of ‘Lars Jan: HOLOSCENES/Quaternary Suite’ at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (photo © 2015 Don Milici, all images courtesy of the Pasadena Museum of California Art)

LOS ANGELES — Imagine you are trying to get dressed underwater but every time you lift your arms the water you’re wading through pulls them back down. Like a blinded, injured fish you want to sink into the abyss of your tank and just flounder. You can see the chlorine-blue water but can’t see through it. Currently […]

Even the most car-centric city holds joys for pedestrians / The Guardian

Hitting the open road...with your sneakers (or, if you’re in LA, flip flops). Photograph: Jason Rosenberg/flickr

Walking through most American cities can be a desolating experience. Few are made for people like me, the pedestrian, who choose strolling and observing over cruising fast through constructed landscapes. Yet, there’s a perverse pleasure in walking through cities designed for cars; these supposed “open roads” weren’t made for us. Advertising’s promise of freedom is […]

A History of Hysteria in Art, Film, and Literature / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


Vireo is a new opera composed by Lisa Bielawa on a libretto by Erik Ehn and directed by Charles Otte, featuring 16-year-old soprano Rowen Sabala. A collaborative project of KCET and Cal State Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center, Vireo is being created expressly for episodic release via broadcast and online media, airing on KCET’s Artbound March 31 at […]

Your Art Entertainment Experience Is Here! / Hyperallergic

Jillian Mayer, “My phone died meet me here” (2015)

MONTRÉAL — In the 24/7 news cycle of BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, and every other “content producer” on the internet, there is a fine line between news and entertainment. In the group exhibition You Won’t Believe (. . .): A Group Exhibition about Entertainment at Division Gallery in Montréal, Québec, curator Loreta Lamargese appropriates the now-iconic Buzzfeed […]

The mall is part of the American experience / The Guardian UK

Jon Jerde created ultimate consumer playgrounds. Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego, with its post-modernist colour scheme and split level walkways, has been likened to an Escher drawing. Photograph: Anthony Pidgeon/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Image

I love the mall as much as I love the urban walking experience, museums and movie theaters. Today the stripmall is not just a part of my everyday life in Los Angeles – a place that so well offers the paradox of American consumerism with a health-conscious urban elite – it is also a memory […]

Invasive Species: Jenny Yurshansky Plants Her Stake / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

herbarium detail

Somewhere on Interstate 210, speeding through the California landscape, I looked off into the distance and realized that this view was made for travelers. It was a sunny day, and artist Jenny Yurshansky and I were on our way to her show “Blacklisted: A Planted Allegory” atPitzer College. The drive took nearly an hour, and […]

Someone Made a Book of #artselfies / Hyperallergic


The selfie exists everywhere that people own smartphones. DIS Magazine’s #artselfie, published by Jean Boîte Éditions, attempts to freeze one aspect of this cultural moment — the art selfie — by parlaying its meaning into a gleaming, print-only book that contains a selection of hashtagged images, an essay by writer and artist Douglas Coupland, and a conversation between DIS and Swiss Institute […]

How Facebook Is Taking On “Dangerous” Speech / ReadWrite


Rumors spread quickly in Myanmar, a southeast Asian nation now fitfully recovering from decades of military dictatorship. Unleashed ethnic tensions have already led to bloody clashes between Burmese nationalists and Muslims. One of the nation’s most radical nationalists is the Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu, who spent seven years in jail for inciting violence against Muslims and now […]

VOTE for Zoe Crosher’s Fantasy Manifests Destiny / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


  Let’s make my story into a documentary! Just vote here: Meanwhile, read the story. . .  There’s a stretch of Interstate 10 from Los Angeles, passing through Palm Springs to Tucson, that artist Zoe Crosher describes as a sort of “no man’s land.” Crosher knows it well from her early days in L.A., […]

Who Wants To Send Their Friends Money Via Facebook Messenger? / ReadWrite

Image via Flickr

Facebook announced a new feature Tuesday that allows friends to send money to one another through its Messenger app. But that comes at the risk of sharing even more details of your personal life with the social network. The process is simple. Facebook added a money symbol ($) sign at the bottom of the screen, right above […]