Bug Out / The New Inquiry

What’s crawling underneath the fantasy of an insect-free home? WE who live in homes still strive for them to be bug-free, or at least occupied by as few bugs as possible. The proliferation of exterminators and other “pest control” companies like Orkin position bugs as terrible things that could invade your home. Their advertising suggests […]

Issa Rae’s long road from YouTube to HBO / Daily Dot

Issa Rae is in post-production for her forthcoming HBO show Insecure, set to bereleased on Oct. 9. But the breakthrough star is also working on a million other projects. A girl’s gotta stay busy. She is best known for her popular webseriesAwkward Black Girl, which premiered onYouTube in 2011 and ran through 2013. The show […]

‘The Book of Ye’ podcast explores all-things Kanye / DailyDot Upstream

To many, Kanye West is a mystery. To others, he’s a genius. Is his infamous Twitter presence performance art, or nonsense more in line with his “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” line? You’re along for a bumpy ride either way. West and his wife Kim Kardashian West are media personalities as good at drawing attention to […]

The New Inquiry Vol. 54: Bugs

AS we write this, an ant is crawling on our forearm. More than any other non-human lifeform, bugs of any size — the term can refer to a virus, bacterium, or arthropod — challenge the serenity of life under human command, which in the anthropocene means nearly all life. We have taken the ant between […]

Funny Feelings / Real Life Magazine

“The stage presents things that are make-believe; presumably life presents things that are real and sometimes not well rehearsed.” — Erving Goffman,The Performance of Self in Everyday Life In putting us behind screens, social media can seem as though they put us in control of our emotions. We seem to decide what we show to […]

New webseries ‘Swapped’ messes with Hollywood gender dynamics / DailyDot Entertainment

Women comprise only 7 percent of directors in the 250 top-grossing films of all time, according to a Variety study. While Hollywood catches up, artists with a clear vision of the future are taking it upon themselves to do what they do best: Make a lean, mean, parody machine out of modern film’s propensity for dude-centric, straight, […]

6 Male Artists Making Inspiring Feminist Work / Hyperallergic

We all know about the terrible gender disparity in the art world. As ladies, we live with systemic sexism on a daily basis. We are reminded of the art world’s sexism by investigations like Micol Hebron’s findings that women (here we speak only of gender not even getting into the even more bleak race statistics) […]

A Miniature Version of the Broad Museum Parodies the Art World / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — Scott Marvel Cassidy’s art makes viewers do a double take. Stylistically, his paintings are located somewhere between realism and magical realism, and this sense is only heightened when his work takes on three dimensions. In his new project “Levitate the White House,” Cassidy installs a small-scale replica ofThe Broad Museum of Art inside LAMOA (Los […]

You can now officially transform into Tinder meat / DailyDot IRL

If you’ve ever had the thought, “Ugh, I feel like a piece of meat!” while swiping on Tinder, rest assured that you are not alone in this meatspace. Others feel your pain—though, chances are, they’d like to feel your flesh, too. To cope with this dichotomy, there’s MeatFace, a new tongue-in-cheek viral campaign and dating […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Cindy Sherman the Broadest of Them All? / CRAVE

There’s not a young artist or writer today who hasn’t at some point in their career either stumbled upon, been faced with, or become enamored by the inimitable Cindy Sherman. She is the ultimate (though very white and female) art world success story. She is Peggy from Mad Men, busting out copy that’s better than all […]