When my 90s-era online love showed up, I knew my memories were a fantasy / The Guardian

A single text can rekindle an old flame. Photograph: PhotoAlto sas / Alamy/Alamy

In my early 20s, I found myself in New York City doing an internship in Midtown Manhattan. I didn’t know that many people in New York, I was always shivering in the heavy air-conditioning, and my boss didn’t seem interested in being my friend. I found myself thinking about Rebecca, the first girl that, as […]

Inhabiting Other People’s Recorded Memories / Hyperallergic

Angela Washko, “Womanhouse (Or: How To Be A VirtuousWoman)” (2014) from the series ‘Free Will Mode’ (all images courtesy of bitforms gallery)

“I turned the computer on and began to write — all the details of our story, everything that still remained in my memory,” writes the author dubbed Elena Ferrante in her book My Brilliant Friend. This is how the narrator begins her four-part story about a lifelong friendship: with the fascinating concept of dumping out all […]

Petra Cortright: Post-Internet Art in the Social Media Age / KCET Artbound LA


Petra Cortright was raised in Santa Barbara, but she grew up on the Internet. The Los Angeles-based artist’s work is often typified as “post-Internet art,” which roughly translates to art that uses the Internet as its medium, source, context and place where it is performed, all at once. It’s a mirror and a mindbender. Curators […]

8 Free Apps That Help You Save Without Thinking / DailyWorth

Credit: Getty Images/Stockphoto

Save, Save, Save Raise your hand if you want to save more. Okay, keep it raised if you feel like there just isn’t enough time to figure out your budget or calculate how much you should be putting away. Well, all that is about to change. There are tons of ways to save beyond searching […]

Tumblr Tales: Dry Wit Butter Stick / ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column for CraveOnline

A David Prince

My roommate David is the kind of guy who becomes Tumblr famous. Not because he tries to do anything awesome, fancy, flashy or even relevant. He’s just cool, and he makes cool art without trying. He has a sense of humor that he inherited from his mom — it’s super dry, slow moving, and full […]

Breathing Life into a High-Tech, Glowing Sphere / Hyperallergic

Documentation of Seth Cluett’s performance at Fridman Gallery (photo courtesy Naroa Lizar/Fridman Gallery)

Back in the late ’90s, I considered going to raves. There were kids at my high school wearing jelly bracelets, wide-legged JNCO skater jeans, and last night’s eyeliner and mascara, smeared and stained. In our 9am homeroom class I could see the multi-colored, ever-flashing lights of last night’s rave bouncing off my classmates’ whites, the power transcendent and […]

From Cum Shots to Orgasmic GIFs, a Playful Take on Virtual Sex / Hyperallergic

Faith Holland, “Sub/emissions” (2015) (all images courtesy Faith Holland and TRANSFER Gallery)

Faith Holland’s show TECHNOPHILIA at Transfer Gallery left me wanting more, kind of like I imagine a good dick pic would. Of course, like any sexualized image sent between two consenting parties, it’s not about the image — it’s about the energy activated between sender and receiver, two participants in a virtual fantasy space. The […]

My mother, myself / The Guardian


I had been living in Los Angeles for a little over a year when my parents came to visit – finally, reluctantly. They were upset that I’d moved so far away from Chicago; they would have preferred I relocate to New York City, but they told me that they just wanted me to be happy. […]

Dreaming of the Real: Observing Artist Scott Marvel Cassidy / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


In Scott Marvel Cassidy’s paintings, drawings and sculpture, it’s often times impossible to separate reality from a dreamlike state, or to differentiate the manufacture of a domesticity with the actual domestic life. Focused on intersecting themes of memory, the immediate physical environment, and the quandaries of referring to painting as purely “representational,” Cassidy’s painting, drawing […]

Totally Swiped: Seinfeld Predicted Tinder in 1993! / CRAVE Online ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column


Seinfeld is a show that’s inevitably about nothing and everything, an endlessly fascinating and frustrating show about the complexities of interpersonal relationships, coincidences, and people who care about each other but are also totally self-involved. In Seinfeld’s book, SeinLanguage, published in 1993, he predicted the dating awkwardnesses that happen quite regularly on Tinder, the addictive […]