Uber Tales: Jimmy The Ghost Hunter / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column


It was time for my Uber and Lyft adventures to come to an end. I did the numbers and learned that I couldn’t afford to pay for a car service everyday. But before I decided to call it quits with the car companies that fulfilled my temporary (albeit tainted-by-lame-sexist-dudes) fantasy of getting chauffeured around, I called […]

Dreaming of the Real: Observing Artist Scott Marvel Cassidy / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


In Scott Marvel Cassidy’s paintings, drawings and sculpture, it’s often times impossible to separate reality from a dreamlike state, or to differentiate the manufacture of a domesticity with the actual domestic life. Focused on intersecting themes of memory, the immediate physical environment, and the quandaries of referring to painting as purely “representational,” Cassidy’s painting, drawing […]

My mother, myself / The Guardian


I had been living in Los Angeles for a little over a year when my parents came to visit – finally, reluctantly. They were upset that I’d moved so far away from Chicago; they would have preferred I relocate to New York City, but they told me that they just wanted me to be happy. […]

The Uber and Lyft Drivers That Dreams Aren’t Made Of / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column


As usual, I missed the bus. This was probably a good thing because the bus takes at least one hour to get anywhere from where I live in Los Angeles’ Highland Park neighborhood to the other side of the Interstate 5. By car it’s only 15-20 minutes. Lately I’ve been switching up Uber adventures with […]

Uber Driver Moments: From Solon’s Midwestern Engine to Sylvester’s Selfie Ways / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column


I do not have a car and I live in LA. I hate driving; it makes me feel anxious and distracted at the same time. I’ve never been a good driver – my mom fears driving with me. Maybe I’m one of those people that can’t handle manmade engines. Luckily, I moved to LA at […]

Back From Rebellion: Noah Purifoy’s Socially Charged Junk Sculptures Return to Los Angeles / Artsy

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.25.15 PM

Noah Purifoy’s art practice was sparked after the 1965 Watts rebellion, during a charged period in Los Angeles’ history of racism. It was August 11, 1965 and a young African-American motorist named Marquette Frye was pulled over by California highway patrolman Lee W. Minikus on suspicion of driving while intoxicated; the incident occurred in Watts, […]

Matt Siegle: Mining the San Gabriel Mountains’ Golden Past / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


Artist Matt Siegle wanted to understand the drifters, 19th century historical enthusiasts, and homeless individuals who inhabit the San Gabriel Mountains today, where gold mining was once a thriving industry. What he found didn’t so much complete a narrative as inspire further research into this area just north of Los Angeles that was very much […]

“Crystal Paradise” Column: Trading Myopic for Mystic

“Signs & Portents”, Fortuneteller sign on Barracks Row, Washington DC. Photo: Mike Licht.

At one of the last remaining video stores in America, I asked a real live human who stood behind the counter to help me find the 2006 Almodóvar film Volver  that I’d been looking for. He smiled and directed me to the foreign films section. A few minutes later, I returned to the check-out counter […]

“Crystal Paradise” Column: Finding Rose Quartz

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.42.13 PM

I wandered into a crystal store to buy some rose quartz, a stone renowned for its heart-opening capabilities. On my way to the rose quartz shelf I noticed a rotund psychic, sitting in the back of the store, casually texting and lounging on a chair in front of some mystical books. As I approached, she […]

“Crystal Paradise” Column: The Social Networked Dead Zone

Virgin Mary phone collage!

This week, Crystal Paradise takes a trip to the strange land of social networked dead zones, where we watch but never touch and see but have a hard time actually connecting. Where will it go? Check out the social networked dead zone and find out: http://www.craveonline.com/art/columns/861095-social-networked-dead-zone-aka-mirrored-selfie Tweet