Someone Made a Book of #artselfies / Hyperallergic


The selfie exists everywhere that people own smartphones. DIS Magazine’s #artselfie, published by Jean Boîte Éditions, attempts to freeze one aspect of this cultural moment — the art selfie — by parlaying its meaning into a gleaming, print-only book that contains a selection of hashtagged images, an essay by writer and artist Douglas Coupland, and a conversation between DIS and Swiss Institute […]

How Facebook Is Taking On “Dangerous” Speech / ReadWrite


Rumors spread quickly in Myanmar, a southeast Asian nation now fitfully recovering from decades of military dictatorship. Unleashed ethnic tensions have already led to bloody clashes between Burmese nationalists and Muslims. One of the nation’s most radical nationalists is the Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu, who spent seven years in jail for inciting violence against Muslims and now […]

VOTE for Zoe Crosher’s Fantasy Manifests Destiny / KCET Artbound Los Angeles


  Let’s make my story into a documentary! Just vote here: Meanwhile, read the story. . .  There’s a stretch of Interstate 10 from Los Angeles, passing through Palm Springs to Tucson, that artist Zoe Crosher describes as a sort of “no man’s land.” Crosher knows it well from her early days in L.A., […]

The mall is part of the American experience / The Guardian UK

Jon Jerde created ultimate consumer playgrounds. Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego, with its post-modernist colour scheme and split level walkways, has been likened to an Escher drawing. Photograph: Anthony Pidgeon/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Image

I love the mall as much as I love the urban walking experience, museums and movie theaters. Today the stripmall is not just a part of my everyday life in Los Angeles – a place that so well offers the paradox of American consumerism with a health-conscious urban elite – it is also a memory […]

When Consumer Goods Blossom into Otherworldly Fungi / Hyperallergic

Benjamin Lord, “The New Retail Mycology VII” (2015) (all images courtesy the artist)

LOS ANGELES — Benjamin Lord’s grossly delectable photographs, on view in his exhibition The New Retail Mycology at Monte Vista Projects, invite viewers to closely consider the social construction of a landscape. In each of the seven photographs on display, viewers encounter a mixture of organic and manmade materials arranged in some sort of amorphous, non-linear structure. Recognizable, store-bought […]

Apple’s Emoji Characters Will Soon Look More Like The World / ReadWrite

Credit: Andrea Luppichini

Beware, expressionistic faces of Simpsonesque yellow hue and traditional nuclear families—your emoji dominance of texting is drawing to a close. Apple has unveiled new, diverse sets of emoji representing a variety of ethnicities and family types in the latest beta versions of iOS (for iPhones and iPads) and OS X (for Macs). The change lets you pick […]

Facebook Lets You Write In Whatever Gender You Want / ReadWrite


Thursday, Facebook announced the addition of a free-form field to the Gender options area in Facebook profiles. The new “custom” option space allows users to write in any description they want—whether “dog-loving master of bro-associated domains” or “cheese-eating king.” Facebook explains the change in a post on the Facebook Diversity Page, noting that if you don’t […]

The Real Teen-Girl Tumblr Aesthetic Essay

the real teen-girl tumblr aesthetic visualized

In 2013, I had the great opportunity to co-author an essay with LA-based writer/artist Kate Durbin on the topic of the then-emerging teen-girl tumblr aesthetic for Hyperallergic’s first-ever Tumblr as Art Symposium. The essay smartly laid the foundation for this aesthetic performative movement, and I was proud to offer my art historical knowledge and cultural […]

Blogger Leaves The Porn To Tumblr / ReadWrite

Lead image by Mike Licht

Tumblr may soon have the Internet porn-blogging contest all wrapped up, now that one of its main rivals is zipping its lip about the dirty bits. Starting March 23, the Google-owned blog platform Blogger will bar users from “publicly” sharing images or videos that “are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity.” That effectively clears the field […]

Death Gets a Facebook Update / ReadWrite

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.29.36 PM

Social media sites, so good at chronicling the ins and outs of our lives, have been uniquely terrible at handling their inevitable end. On Facebook, for instance, a reported death has long stuck friends and family with a static and almost ghostly memorial account—one disconnected from the lives of others even as it continued to display […]