Nikita Gale: Place is the Space is the Place / Art21 Magazine

Born in Alaska, Nikita Gale spent her formative years in Atlanta before attending Yale University, where she studied anthropology and archaeology. But she always had a sense that she’d end up making art. A turning point occurred during her last undergraduate semester, after the passing of her maternal grandfather, Walter Norman, who was an avid […]

Letter from the Editor: Alicia Eler / Art21 Magazine

When I was twelve years old, I remember seeing it: my first smiley face. It was gigantic and bright yellow, hanging on the exterior brick wall of a car dealership, located on a busy street in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb just north of Chicago. I hated that smiley face. Seeing its mouth forever turned into […]

Asher Hartman’s Ritualistic Marathons / Art21

Asher Hartman’s art is located at the intersection of performance, theater, and magic. He doesn’t practice hocus-pocus or the style of Gothic witchery seen in the 1996 film The Craft; he creates spaces for psychic, intuitive work that allows people to come together and create as a group. For the past twenty years, Hartman has written, […]

Emergency Response / Art21 Magazine

Little disasters pop up in our lives whether we notice them or not. They may be as mundane as getting stuck in traffic or a cycle of negative thoughts that manifest as poor decisions. Can these be avoided? Or is it that the tides of chance turn, and not everything is kismet? In considering this […]

Magic in Rural Southwestern Wisconsin: Meg Leary Sounds Off at ACRE Residency / Art21

In any place that isn’t the otherworldly realm of the ACRE Residency, twelve days doesn’t feel like a long time away from one’s day-to-day life. Launched in 2010 by Nicholas Wylie and Emily Green, ACRE (short for Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) was founded with the mission of providing the arts community with an affordable, cooperative and dialogue-oriented residency. […]

New Bonds and Studio Space Lead to Creative Leaps: Stacia Yeapanis on Chicago’s BOLT Residency / Art21

When Stacia Yeapanis finished graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006, she did what many MFA grads do: moved her studio into her home. But soon thereafter Yeapanis found herself overwhelmed by an inability to separate her art practice from other areas of her life. Instead of fretting about […]

Carrie Schneider Adds a Finnish Touch / Art21

Carrie Schneider arrived in Helsinki, Finland already feeling an an intrinsic, intuitive connection with artists from the region. Her one-year Fulbright fellowship (2007-2008) at theFinnish Academy of Fine Arts only intensified her affinity to the style of Finnish women artists, which might be described as emotionally resonant yet visually sparse. Schneider’s experience in Finland not only […]

An Earthquake Strikes Aspen Mays’s Starless Fulbright Fellowship to Chile / Art21

Aspen Mays traveled to Chile, the astronomy capital of the world, to look at the stars through some of the world’s most advanced telescopes. But over time, the bright stars, possible planets and meteors weren’t actually what interested Mays. Inside Chilean observatories, Mays discovered the stars of yesteryear—those that had already been discovered and documented, […]

From Performance Artist to Object Maker: How Reality Television Changed Young Sun Han’s Practice / Art21

To be on a reality television show, contestants voluntarily leave their familiar surroundings, home life, and regular routines to temporarily thrust themselves into a world dictated by short attention spans and video editors with their own agendas. While on the show, contestants usually cannot watch news, listen to the radio, or peruse the Internet. They […]

France is for Phonies: Julie Lequin Isolated in Paris / Art21

French-Canadian artist Julie Lequin consciously blurs personal history and fictionalized worlds in her videos, performances, drawings, and writings, creating new narratives in the process. Lequin’s real-life events become part of an ongoing, first-person storyline that, told humorously and from an unconsciously self-conscious point-of-view, makes the viewer privy to the steps of her creative process. Lequin […]