Wall To Wall | Jennifer Korsen: Art of the Heart / CRAVE

Artist Jennifer Korsen grew up in the Valley, but her heart beats throughout Los Angeles. Like the freeways and streets that connect every area of this sprawling city, through her work Korsen uses the heart, an organ every living human intimately knows, to discuss ongoing themes of communication and connection. The L.A.-based artist, who prefers […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Cindy Sherman the Broadest of Them All? / CRAVE

There’s not a young artist or writer today who hasn’t at some point in their career either stumbled upon, been faced with, or become enamored by the inimitable Cindy Sherman. She is the ultimate (though very white and female) art world success story. She is Peggy from Mad Men, busting out copy that’s better than all […]

In ‘Shapeshifters’, Artists Explore the Always-Fluid World of Identity / CRAVE

The sprawling group exhibition Shapeshifters, curated by Tim Goossens, showcases five artists whose work challenges social, sexual and gendered norms. It’s a refreshing show to see out in Venice at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, which is located almost on the oceanfront. Each piece in the show creates new dialogue around gendered performative politics and notions of […]

This is Why People Keep Talking About the L.A. Art Scene / CRAVE

Curators Hamza Walker and Aram Moshayedi love their prepositions. It makes sense that the name of this year’s Made in L.A. biennial doesn’t have a specific theme, but rather is simply a, the, through, only, a line from a poem by minimalist poet Aram Saroyan. If you want to think about it literally, L.A. is […]

Richard Prince is Still a Dick / CRAVE

There’s a rumor going around that Richard Prince used to date Cindy Sherman. It was so what seemed to be the perfect art world couple that I tweeted about it after I drove home from the opening of the show Richard Prince: The Turnbaugh Collection (1977–1988) at Edward Cella Art & Architecture. The tweet reads: “Cindy […]

Mutating the Broad with Mutant Salon / CRAVE

Mutant Salon is an electrifying performance collective fashioned for the purpose of celebrating self-care. On Saturday, June 25th from 8:30–11:30pm, Mutant Salon played, performed and roamed in Oculus Hall, one of the many cavernous spaces in the Broad, and on the street outside the Broad. Mutant Salon is a project founded in 2012 by artist […]

In Review | Carmen Argote: Making Order Out of Sisterly Chaos / CRAVE

The sister bond goes deep. It’s something that L.A.-based artist Carmen Argote knows from the literal inside out. In her newest solo exhibition, Alex’s Room, at Commonwealth & Council Gallery, Carmen focuses on her sister, Alex. Family is an ongoing theme for Carmen. Her father was the subject of her last two solo exhibitions at Adjunct […]

In Review | The Finite Realities of Christopher Russell’s ‘Ersatz Infinities’ / CRAVE

Christopher Russell manipulates natural landscapes, messing with the viewer’s ideas of reality. In his solo exhibition Ersatz Infinities at Mark Moore Gallery, the Portland-based artist wanders through a series of landscape photographs, heavily manipulating to the point of near-abstraction. He creates pigment prints which he scratches into with a razor. Such is typical of Russell’s […]

In Review | Rodrigo Valenzuela and the Ruins of Future Past / CRAVE

Rodrigo Valenzuela traverses futuristic ruins in his solo exhibition, Sin Héroes. Even though his work appears to be from “the future,” there’s another conversation happening here about the labor needed to make art. In this way, the working mentality of the middle class and working class dominate the underpinnings of his constructed spaces. In the front […]

In Review | Amie Dicke: Redundancies, Voids and Metaphors of the ‘Real’ / CRAVE

In our postmodern world, one’s identity is fragmented. Quests for the “real” or “authenticity” come off as laughable if posed within the context of art making. Amie Dicke’s solo show Quote Unquote at Anat Ebgi Gallery has a certain air of embracing mediated constructions of the self. In order to search for realness, however, it’s […]