Panel | This is What Feminism 4.0 Looks Like / CRAVE

What is feminism today, in the age of social media, smartphones, and the Internet? When images of people are literally everywhere, it starts to feel as if all people are in some ways flattened, fragmented objects. How does one assert oneself as a feminist in an age when the feminist movement has been commodified and […]

Artist Melissa Huddleston Examines The Relationship of Art To Beauty (Products) / CRAVE

          As a Conservation Assistant at the Getty Research Institute, artist Melissa Huddleston is privy to the depth’s of the institution’s massive holdings. Among these, nestled deep in the Getty Archives, is curator Harald Szeemann’s entire collection of correspondence with artists, scholars and other curators. But that’s not all! There’s also […]

Exhibit | There’s Something Fishy Happening at the Hammer Museum / CRAVE

  Don’t let the title of this show fool you: there are not many photographs of fish in Still Life with Fish at the Hammer Museum. This exhibition of West Coast photography offers a comprehensive look at conceptual photography from the 1960s to the present. Drawn from the Hammer’s permanent collection and the UCLA Grunwald […]

In Review | Giorgio Andreotta Calò and His Venetian-Californian Dream / CRAVE

                    Giorgio Andreotta Calò’s recent solo exhibition 5122.65 Miles at Depart Foundation, curated by Luca Lo Pinto, was named for the distance between Venice, Italy and Venice, California. Calò’s work explores these two places, melding them until they start to feel as one. This body of […]

Exhibit | Lawrence Weiner’s Conceptual Wordiness / CRAVE

Lawrence Weiner is into words — big, broad words that unabashedly cover gallery walls and floors, taking up the maximum amount of space. He minted his place in art history back during 1960s conceptualism, and has continued making the same type of typographically inspired work ever since. Some of the phraseology is pure wordplay, somewhat […]

Exhibit | Carmen Argote Explores The In-Between Spaces of Familial Memories / CRAVE

There is a misty sentimentalism nestled into every aspect of Carmen Argote’s art practice. For her solo exhibition Mansión Magnolia at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, curated by Seth Curcio, she traveled back to the mansión that her family owns in Guadalajara, Mexico, and took up residence there for a few months. While residing in this French-inspired […]

Exhibit | Eric Yahnker Plumbs the Depths of American Dumbness / CRAVE

Dumbness is everywhere. Donald Trump, the parody-proof candidate, is just one example of our fascination with the pervasiveness of dumb as it plays out in the theatrical world of American politics. Eric Yahnker’s solo show Noah’s Yacht at Zevitas Marcus Gallery presents viewers with all types of American dumbness, including pun-able phrases, clichés of American […]

Exhibit | PDFW: Performance. Drawing. Film. Writing. / CRAVE

When someone is applying to art school, they usually decide to focus on a specific medium. It’s one way to hone in on the bigger picture of what their art is about; to major in every medium because the student can’t pick one is problematic.  The same issue plagues the broad, all-encompassing vagueness that is […]

Miranda July on Why Catherine Opie is Into Elizabeth Taylor’s Stuff / CRAVE

Miranda July took to the stage at the West Hollywood Council Chambers the other weekend with an air of curiosity, lucidness and vulnerability. For her lecture “Artists on Artists: Miranda July on Catherine Opie,” she spoke about artist Catherine Opie’s latest show 700 Nimes Road, which is a collection of photographs of Elizabeth Taylor’s stuff and […]

In Review | Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel / CRAVE

Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel at Think Tank Gallery was exactly what you’d expect it to be: a collection of various portraits, interpretations and visualizations of more than 75 artists’ portrayals of the familiar feline, an homage to the malleable pussy and the human obsession with it. Yet with a theme as broad and playful […]